For this project I had to work with another student's imaginary lecture series and produce 3 variations of a postcard for it. The lecture was supposed to be about what graphic design specialty you think you'll have in 2029, and to come up with a lecture title and brief overview of the content.

Design Choices
For my type choice, brainstorming and ideas can include anything and everything, so that openness to many ideas related to neutrality for me, which made Helvetica the best typeface for the project.

For my color variations I chose purple for its association with mystery, blue for its meaning of intellect, and yellow for its relation to focus and concentration.

The photographs were taken with a Sony a6000 with a macro lens. The photo is of a paper weave that I made myself, shown in progress of looping the next piece into place. Weaving was a more original idea to the concept of linear progression and brainstorming, aka "building bridges between creative thinking processes". The back photograph is a low opacity top down shot to provide texture and visually rhyme with the front.
Purple = mystery. Blue = intellect. Yellow = focus and concentration.
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