Class project for Interface Design to create an app proof-of-concept that solved a personal problem in our life using jQuery mobile. In addition, a website "brag points" landing page was required. An extremely in-depth app analysis of 2 different apps was required before attempting to design the app (I've omitted the analysis here as it is ~60 pages long), as well as a story being written as "a day in the life" of the end user and their problem. 

What is "22Tango"?
The app itself is a gaming service aggregator that encourages cooperative gameplay. The name is taken from the saying "it takes two to tango" as well as "tango down" (military phrase for "enemy down") which is somewhat prominent in games/gamer speak.

App benefits
See comprehensive information and message your friends on all gaming services, all at once. Buddy Up! suggestions and gameplay tracking makes deciding what and who to play with effortless, whether it’s friends your best friends or any players compatible to play. Contact sync allows for multiple avenues of communication, whether it’s chatting, texting or calling, as well as modifiable contact info and a best friends list.

Primary focus include young adults 14 to 35. Middle class and higher ($35,000 and up). Anyone that owns a gaming platform that plays games and needs a better way to stay social with their gaming.
App icon design
The "t" in "tango" is two 2's reflected/combined into each other. The geometric shapes are reminiscent of controller buttons
Visual Design
Login screen for new user
Sign-up part 1
Sign-up part 2
Sign-up part 3
Friends list. Toggleable filter switches up top, "best friend" category division with three "Buddy Up!" recommendations for each player
User profile includes all notable activity and friend recommendations to encourage coop gameplay
Chatroom/messenger. No need to reinvent the wheel with this one. Toggle between game service chat with top icons
Game profile includes necessary info but with more social gaming recommendations built-in
Search screen with no input
Search screen with input/filtering happening
Brag points website
Progress work
Final visual implementation sketches
Flow chart
Logo sketches
Miscellaneous notes
Original app ideas
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