Packaging Design project to create a collector's edition package of our personal favorite cult classic movie. My favorite cult classic movie is Black Hawk Down, which is a war movie based off of a real event.

Design decisions
I riffed off of Black Hawk Down's real story of the Battle of Mogadishu as more of a neutral tragedy, hence the box set title "flesh and blood heroes edition". Type choices include Aparajita for the logotype, ITC New Baskerville for body copy and Lulo Clean for everything else.

Materials include window-cling vinyl, spraypaint, a surplus army ammo box and foam. I chose a personal ammo box as my container because it fit the format for a book and blu-ray perfectly, as well as speaking more to the individual soldier rather than the military as a whole.
Original Blu-Ray & book art
My collector's rendition
White type applied using a vinyl cutter and window-cling vinyl
The date on the handle forces acknowledgement of the actual event
Yellow type was created using window cling vinyl to make a stencil, then spraypaint was applied
Foam pockets (cut using electric knife) holster the book and blu-ray
The box art represents lost communication and the turning point when Blackburn fell out of the helicopter.
Original images
Progress work
Picking the window-cling vinyl
Beginnings of the spraypaint vinyl stencil
Spraypainted stencil; negative area being picked out
Sketches & research
Thank you for viewing!
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