This swatchbook was a school project for Production Design, where we were tasked with concepting and implementing a conceptually unique, limited edition swatchbook for a paper company of our choice. I chose to theme my Mohawk Paper swatchbook off of space travel, making the connection that great ideas start on paper, and relating them back to the design process. 

Also, a special something was required, so I chose to vectorize/redesign an experimental spacecraft paper model with redesigned instructions to go along with it.
Besides introductory company and certification information, I chose to design my swatchbook with quotes that tell a story, related to the adventure of space travel, from beginning to end across all 5 main swatch spreads. All quotes are diecut by hand using an x-acto knife. 
Special finish flysheets are included with quotes that relate back to the swatch spread quotes that come before it. The knockout technique I used for the diecuts is also seen here.
Coming up with our own swatch names was a fun challenge!
Detail of diecut knockouts
Redesigned paper model with booklet in diecut moon pocket
All pieces of the paper model
Redesigned paper model instructions
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