Typography 2 project to create a typographic book based on a movie using the official script. No movie images were allowed. Art direction was essential, as I had to hunt and peck through the entire script and selectively edit both the scenes chosen and dialogue.

Design Decisions
I chose the Chunk Five typeface for the cover, as it's oafish and clunky. The spread text is set in Verb, which is an informal, quirkier sans that serves as the voice for the humor. A systemized approach keeps the book readable from beginning to end, and gives an important structure to the odd pacing of the hilarious, loud scenes. Goofy stock photography served as the cohesive element for my imagery. The black bars take emphasis away from the faces, more on the content, and relate to doing things so idiotic that you want to censor yourself.
Color-coded characters make it easy to identify repeated characters quickly
Gray, italicized type indicates scene actions
White type on black bars indicates scene actions when on top of imagery
Progress Work
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