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Each year, the Delta sales team and Delta marketing team formulate Delta's key "pillar" messages that they want to talk about for that year, and then pull in Sparks Grove to help best communicate those key messages via creative concepts and executions. Below are a selection of projects from my work at Sparks Grove on the Delta Air Lines' 2018 business-to-business advertising campaign. 

Target audience
These messages are aimed at Corporate Travel Managers and Travel Agents, who manage corporate travel for companies traveling regularly. These travel professionals negotiate contract terms with Delta for added savings and benefits.

Team members
Not all members listed worked on every project below
Agency: Sparks Grove
VP of Design: Anja Huebler
Senior Design Director: Henry Kim
Director of Client Services: Heather Balkema
Client Services Manager: Melissa Tiffany
ACD/Art Director: Tom Atherton
Senior Designer: Matt Rickard
Designer: Andy Hu
Senior Copywriter: Katelyn Bottoms
Senior Copywriter: Evan Pulliam
Freelancers: Tom McCarthy (CD/CW), Tim Pethel (Motion Designer)
Print ad:
Superior Corporate Travel Experience
Goal: Communicate that Delta provides the best corporate travel experience for business travelers.
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Color contrast/neutralization, added Delta tail, added suitcase, added laptop bag, removed passport, painted clothing/nails with brand colors
Print ad:
Best Operations
Goal: Communicate that Delta's operations are #1
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Color edits, extended image above and below, removed bike, deepened desk stain, comped in laptop and phone screen views, removed bracelet
Print ad:
Global Innovation
Goal: Communicate that Delta is committed to providing a seamless global experience for business travelers
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Deepened sky, added plane with contrails
Print ad:
Industry-Leading Products & Services
Goal: Communicate that Delta provides innovative products and services for travel professionals
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Colorized image to be bright blue instead of smoggy brown, replaced horizon, added more pillowy clouds, replaced older Delta plane with newer Delta plane (A350)
Print ad:
Delta Pro Self-Service
Goal: Communicate that Delta empowers Travel Agents with what they need to succeed.
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Moved/enlarged plane wing, brought wing and sunset closer together
Cover wrap:
Global Innovation
A "cover wrap" is a 2-page print ad placement where the ad starts on the front ("outside") cover and continues to the inside cover (back of front cover).
Goal: Communicate that Delta is committed to providing a seamless global experience for business travelers
Cover wrap:
Delta Difference
A "cover wrap" is a 2-page print ad placement where the ad starts on the front ("outside") cover and continues to the inside cover (back of front cover).
​​​​​​​Goal: Communicate that Delta's people and culture make the difference for travel professionals and their business travelers
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Isolated hands, made standardized repeating photo pattern of hundreds of Delta seller portraits
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Combined best shot of people (horizontal) with best shot of space (vertical) into 1 combined vertical composition, isolated people, recreated their shadows, removed screen, replaced carpet, opened all closed eyes
Mid-year competitive analysis
Competitor ads were printed, organized, and laid out next to Delta's ads for the year, enabling a direct comparison between all airlines as a "walk the wall" experience. Key insights were gleaned, highlighting strategic messaging strengths and weaknesses for both Delta and their competitors.
Sky Partner Report email
Goal: Create an email template that highlights the value of Corporate Travel Managers' travel contracts with Delta on a quarterly basis
Custom logo
I designed a Sky Partner Report logo to help the concept feel more custom, and the client loved it so much they requested the files for use in other materials. 
BTN pillar videos
Goal: Inform Corporate Travel Managers about Delta's key pillar messages for the year via short video format.
Motion graphics by Tim Pethel.
Video: Superior Corporate Traveler Experience
Video: Best Operations
Storyboard concepts
From left to right: Superior Corporate Travel Experience, Best Operations, Global Network
The Global Network video (right) was cut for reasons unknown
BTN thank you ad
Goal: Celebrate Delta's 8th consecutive Business Travel News airline survey win.

The unique opportunity of "8" also resembling "∞" laid the groundwork for an arresting and conceptually relevant ad concept.
Photo Credit: Katelyn Bottoms
Image edits: before (left) and after (right)
Straightened all leading lines and plane for perfect symmetry, removed runway stripes, colored grass
News Hub infographic
Goal: Celebrate Delta's merger with Northwest and inform people using a numbers-driven comparison of 2008 vs 2018 to show how far Delta has come.
2 design variations
Left: Dark version  /  Right: Light version
Progress work
Sketches for the illustration work
Messaging framework worksheet
Goal: Enable Delta's business-to-business sales team to more strategically formulate their key messages.
Pre-populated Examples
References for Delta to understand how the worksheet works
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